So….We’re Moving!

Hi! How are ya? Me? Oh, I’m good. Just…you know…over-scheduled, over-committed, overwhelmed, and just plain over everything. See, we’re moving. (!!!!!) We are finally buying a house!!!!

What’s that? In Seattle, you ask? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

*thud* (sound of me falling out of my chair from laughter)

Yeah, I wish we could afford Seattle. That’s a dream that would never happen. For perspective: a condemned house (yes, you read that right) in West Seattle (not one of the most desirable neighborhoods, but not the worst either) sold for almost half a million dollars. And that was a year ago. The vast majority of homes in our area are selling for a million dollars or more. It’s complete insanity. They all sell within days of going on the market, and for tens of thousands over the asking price, with multiple offers on every house.

So, with that in mind, we are moving to….(drumroll)…..Boise, Idaho!

As you know, Zach is from Boise. His parents and older sister still live there, along with her four kids. I promised Zach a long time ago that we could eventually relocate there for the more affordable living and good schools. The hitch was finding him a job there. He has spent the last five years looking for work in Boise and finally has it. So, off we go!

Once we confirmed the job for Zach, we immediately set out to find a home. Our goal was to finally buy a house of our own (a much more obtainable dream in Boise!). We headed over for Memorial Day weekend, pulling Zoey out of school that Friday to make it a four-day weekend. While the kids hung out with their cousins all day, Zach and I spent Saturday and part of Sunday looking at about twenty different homes. Sunday night we made an offer on an amazing home. Unfortunately, someone else had also made an offer just a few hours before us. The owner was so eager to sell that he signed the deal the moment in came in front of him.

Car snacks for the long drive from Seattle to Boise

We sadly drove back to Seattle and considered our options. A spate of new houses came on the market on Thursday and we booked me a flight back to Boise for Saturday morning, heading home Sunday night. I looked at another dozen houses, with Zach’s mom along for insight. In case you are reading this and wondering, yes, that means Zach trusted me to go pick us out a house to buy without him having seen it. I adore that man! I found the most incredible house in the perfect location, but it was clearly going to be a coveted place. So we put in our best offer: $10,000 over the asking price. It was definitely the upper limit stretch of our budget. Unfortunately, as predicted, it received several other offers as well. The house went to someone who offered $15,000 over and a clause stating that they would waive all inspection repairs.

Mt. Rainier from the airplane. I’m really going to miss seeing this beauty every day.

With the Boise real estate market every bit as hot as Seattle’s (but with way lower prices) we were getting frustrated. We couldn’t afford to keep buying last-minute airline tickets or taking days of work to go look for homes. We also had a very narrow window of time for moving: school just ended here in Seattle on Monday (way late compared to most places) and it starts in mid-August in Boise. So that basically leaves July for moving in.

We kept scouring Zillow and sending our realtor to scope out places for us. Finally, we sent both our realtor and Zach’s mom to look at one house for us. It wasn’t in either of our top two preferred neighborhoods (or the top three most popular), so it wasn’t selling as quickly. After seeing the photos online, watching a walk-through video Zach’s mom made us and getting feedback from both her and our realtor, we decided to make an offer. That’s right: we’re buying a house we’ve never seen. There were multiple back-and-forth negotiations, but at this point the inspection is done, we’ve agreed on what repairs should be made, and all that’s left is carrying out those repairs, getting an appraisal and then the closing.

We. Are. Actually. Moving.

We scoped out the good parks in Boise while we were there.

We’re set to close on July 14th, and hope to get some new carpet and flooring installed the week after that. Which has us moving at the very end of July. So much stress!!! It’s insane trying to pick out carpet and details repairs for a house you’ve never seen that’s in a completely different state. All while getting moving estimates and trying to sort through and pack things here at home. Oh and go to kindergarten and preschool graduations, a different kid’s birthday party every weekend, still working, squeezing in last minute checkups with our family doc so we don’t have to rush to find one in Boise, summer haircuts for the girls and oh yeah I might have walking pneumonia. Zoey too.

Can I take a nap now????

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