Alden’s First Day of Preschool

After Alden’s provisional Autism diagnosis, we decided that one of the best things we could do for him would be to start getting him some interaction with peers his own age. He never really sees any other two year olds, mostly just Zoey and Ellie and their friends. So we enrolled him one morning at week at Eleanor’s preschool. It’s for kids ages 2-5 and there are a handful of other two year olds who attend on Wednesday morning with him. Alden First Day Preschool (1)

He was so excited to wear his little backpack (stuffed with diapers and a change of clothes) and walk to school with Ellie! And for her part, Eleanor loves that Alden goes to school with her. She has become a much more protective and loving big sister since he started going with her.

Alden First Day Preschool (8)

The first couple of drop-offs went fine. In fact, the meltdowns came when it was time to leave. Now he still gets upset when it’s time to go, but he also cries when I drop him off. They tell me that he gets over it pretty quickly though, that they are able to easily distract him.

Alden First Day Preschool (2)

I think he really does love it. I think it really will be good for him.

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