Seattle Center Playground

On Sunday it was forecast to rain (big surprise), but we decided to brave the weather (like true Seattleites!) and go in search of a new playground. We had heard about the “Artists at Play” playground that had opened about a year ago at Seattle Center, but we hadn’t had a chance to visit it yet. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

This playground did not disappoint. In fact, it might be one of the coolest ones I’ve ever seen. Definitely in the top five. The first thing you see is the enormous play structure. I mean, this thing is gigantic. Easily two-stories tall and the only way up is some serious climbing. The sign says it’s for ages 5-12. There’s a smaller, age-appropriate play structure for ages 2-5 (which Alden loved).

Seattle Center Playground (26)
Enormous play structure of awesomeness. Complete with bridge, two very long slides and secret hideouts. 
Seattle Center Playground (40)
Zach and the girls making their way to the top.
Seattle Center Playground (15)
Like two peas in a pod.
Seattle Center Playground (1)
On the bridge at the top of the structure.

There was also an ADA accessible swing set. When the swings really got going, wind-chimes at the top would start to ring.

Seattle Center Playground (27)
Alden, modeling the ADA accessible swing. 
Seattle Center Playground (7)
The girls loved this big spiderweb swing. I liked that I could put all three of them on one swing together.

No park is complete without a merry-go-round, so of course this playground had one of those as well. This was the best one I had ever seen, with benches on board for those that are unable (or unwilling) to stand or lie down and hold on, or unable to maintain a seated position without back support. Perhaps this is another ADA accessible element?

Seattle Center Playground (38)
Soggy but happy.

In lieu of a sandbox, there was a rock pit with these neat cage-like structures in it. Inside the cages are hanging metal plates. Children can throw or drop the pebbles on the plates to make beautiful chiming music.

Seattle Center Playground (21)
Alden was actually the first to figure out how this worked. 
Seattle Center Playground (30)
Gotta love a place that actually encourages kids to throw rocks.

I love how much of this playground is designed around music and sound. There is a series of yellow pipes on one end of the park. When you strum this thing on each one it plays a note. Together, the eight notes of a chord are represented. Over near the pebble pit is another yellow metal musical structure. Hanging from the top are chime tubes and when you turn the cranks at the bottom it causes hammers to strike the various chimes, pealing out a melody of notes.

Seattle Center Playground (33)

Another cool aspect of the park is how close it is to the Space Needle and all the other fun stuff at Seattle Center. After watching the monorail drive past right behind the swings a couple of times, we were inspired to take a ride on it ourselves. Alden was thrilled and kept talking about it, hours later.

Seattle Center Playground (44)
We got seats in the very front, which became the rear on our trip back.
Seattle Center Playground (50)
Monorail selfie.

I am so glad we decided to do this outing. It was one of the most fun, easy morning adventures we’ve had in a long time.

Seattle Center Playground (51)
Obligatory attempt at a Space Needle family-selfie. I had no idea Zoey was doing her monster face!

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