Shaving Cream Sensory Play

I was searching for a way to entertain Eleanor and Alden one rainy morning (in a series of record-breaking rainy days) and was inspired by a method of dyeing Easter eggs we had done a couple years ago.

Shaving Cream Play (17)

The set-up is quite simple: squirt a bunch of cheap shaving cream onto a cookie sheet. I put an old plastic table cloth on the table first, and bibs with sleeves on the kids because I planned on adding watercolors. Just a few drops of washable liquid watercolors and the kids could experiment with mixing colors in the foam without fear of staining anything.

Shaving Cream Play (26)

I gave them some Hotwheels cars and small, rubber bugs to play with in the cream. They really enjoyed that, especially when it was time to dunk them in bowls of water to wash them off.

Shaving Cream Play (13)

I think Alden would have been content to play there all day. Over an hour later I had to pry him away in order to make lunch.

Shaving Cream Play (30)

Eleanor was also a fan.


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