Ooh, Barracuda

We signed Zoey up for tee-ball this Spring and this child is loving it. We put her in a super-non-competitive league with several other kids from her Kindergarten class. She was assigned to the Barracudas (all the teams seem to have marine names: catfish, marlins, etc). Obviously, the first thing I did was pull up a picture of a real Barracuda for Zoey and then play the song by Heart. Because I am a responsible parent and this was a critical teaching moment.

Zoey T-Ball (1)
Getting uniforms at the first practice

Thanks to record-breaking amounts of rain over the past two months, there were only two practices that didn’t get canceled before the first game.

Zoey T-Ball (7)
“Ready Stance”

We had to make some alterations to Zoey’s glove in order to make it work for her. Because of her small left hand that is no wider than her wrist, the mitt kept wanting to fall off. Zach found some leather strands at a shoe-repair shop and used them to make the opening of the mitt smaller. Zoey’s fingers are still too small to reach very far into the finger-slots, but that doesn’t matter much at this point. The mitt stays on now, and that gives Zoey more confidence.

Zoey T-Ball (12)
This kid was born ready!

The first game was last week and, in typical Seattle fashion, the rain did the exact opposite of the forecast for the day. Dry all day and then started to rain at the exact time the game started. It would intermittently pour and then taper off. Rinse, repeat. While a drag to sit in the rain with small children, it did create an opportunity for one of the most vibrant rainbows I have ever seen.

Zoey T-Ball (21)
Zoey is in the blue jacket, running from 2nd to 3rd base.

This picture doesn’t really do it justice. Every color was there, bright and brilliant. Even purple, which I feel seldom shows up in rainbows. The kids were all super distracted, of course, and forgot all about the t-ball game as they pointed and shouted about the rainbow.

Zoey T-Ball (58)
It’s a hit!

Every “inning” consisted of each kid getting a chance to bat and run the bases. They accidentally forgot Zoey one time, so the made it up to her by letting her hit the ball and then run the entire bases for a “home run.”

Zoey T-Ball (39)

Let’s just say Zoey liked that deal.

Zoey T-Ball (42)
Ooh, Barracuda!

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