Easter 2017

I must say, I’m pretty proud of how Spring Break turned out (minus the Tuesday of the Toothpaste). After Monday’s adventure to the Museum of Flight and Wednesday’s excursion to the Pacific Science Center, we kept the rest of the week pretty low-key. I did some Easter-themed arts and crafts with the kids, and rented a couple of Redbox movies. One of them was Trolls, which was a complete disaster. Zoey was in emotional distress, tears pouring down her face as she sat clutching my old treasure troll dolls and I was desperately wishing I could ram my head through the wall rather than watch this awful movie. On a whole, though, it was a good week.

Easter Sunday was a delightful way to wrap up our Spring Break staycation. The kids woke up super early, of course, excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought. This year he hid Zoey and Eleanor’s baskets, and it took them quite awhile to find them.

Easter 2017 (8)
“There are jelly beans in here!”
Easter 2017 (11)
“My chocolate bunny is named Baby Binks.”
Easter 2017 (41)
Baby’s First Peep

The kids gorged themselves on all their Easter candy and then we dressed up in fun Easter dresses and headed to my parents’ house to spend the day and have Easter dinner.

Easter 2017 (45)
Playing with the clay the Easter Bunny brought her, looking like a perfect princess.

Zoey insisted on wearing a backpack full of toys for most of the day. She said it felt good. I suspect she was feeling a bit overstimulated from all the sugar and excitement and it being the end of a long, fun week. The weight of the backpack probably helped her feel a bit more calm and oriented.

Easter 2017 (49)
My parents have the BEST yard.

It turned out to be a lovely day; overcast but warm with sunny breakthroughs. We were all able to spend a good amount of time outside, getting some much needed fresh air and vitamin D. I love how quiet it is at my parents’ house, far out of the city.  You can hear so many birds chirping and there is so much green all around.

Easter 2017 (47)
Snack time on the patio.

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