Pacific Science Center

On Wednesday of Spring Break I woke up ready for a do-over after the day before.  Through an acquaintance, Zach had gotten us passes to the Pacific Science Center. I had been wanting to take the kids there for quite awhile, as it’s one of my favorite places in Seattle but a bit pricey for our limited budget and the fact that we can only spend a few hours there before needing to head home for Alden’s nap. Zach and I actually went there for our second-ever date, and we had a blast. I feel this post is best told through pictures, so enjoy the montage.

Pacific Science Center (54)
OF COURSE I dressed the kids up in their best science shirts for the day.

Our first stop was the toddler zone, which Zoey is just barely within the height limits to be allowed into. It has a bit of everything: water play, a music room full of noisy things to bang on, climbing structures with slides, giant building blocks…we happily could have spent all day there.

Pacific Science Center (3)
Water play is always a favorite with my three. 
Pacific Science Center (5)
Especially when you can aim and squirt it.
Pacific Science Center (10)
She put on her noise-muffling headphones after this room. Gee, wonder why. 

The tropical butterfly house was a huge hit. It’s much better than the seasonal one at the zoo (sorry WPZ! You know we still love you!). It’s about seventy-five degrees in there, and butterflies are flying all around you. There are also laminated cards you can carry around to help identify the different butterflies and plants in the room.

Pacific Science Center (17)
A Paper Lantern butterfly.

Outside the butterfly house is the insect/bug/creepy crawly critters area.

Pacific Science Center (23)
Using teamwork to build a giant ant.

Just beyond that is a giant, hands-on room. By giant I mean both the really large room and the really large things in it. Giant sized chess, checkers, an enormous table and chairs, world’s largest pattern blocks…you get the idea.

Pacific Science Center (45)
Pattern blocks and more 3-D puzzles to put together in the “giant” room.
Pacific Science Center (47)
We built a goat. I think this might have been the highlight of Alden’s day. Just look at that smile!

The dinosaur room was also a hit. There are animatronic dinos in there, which thrilled all three kids.

Pacific Science Center (32)
About to be eaten by Dionychus.

We ate our packed lunch in outer space, surrounded by giant models of the solar system, space ships and stars.

Pacific Science Center (35)
Operating a Gemini capsule. There are approximately 200 switches in there, all of which Zoey insisted must be facing down before she could exit. With two other button-loving siblings in there, I’ll let you imagine how that went. 

We ended where we had started our day: the courtyard of pools with criss-crossing walkways, giant wading dinosaurs and water cannons to squirt at various things that would spin and move if hit just right.

Pacific Science Center (52)
This girl had literally been waiting hours for her chance to do this. 

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