The Museum of Flight

Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break, and I think I’ve been looking forward to it more than the girls have! Getting up at six every morning just so I can have time to get a shower and start the tea kettle before the girls’ alarm goes off at 6:20 is painful. It looks to be a rainy week (because, Seattle) so I made up a list of all kinds of activities to keep us entertained.

Day #1: The Museum of Flight!

Museum of Flight (5)

I hadn’t been there since I was Zoey’s age and the only thing I remembered was a “flying car” (it was a car with wings suspended from the ceiling). Newsflash: it’s no longer there. However! There was plenty of other cool stuff to see. One of the first things we stumbled upon was the “Flight Zone.”

Museum of Flight (8)

This area is perfect for toddlers up through about age eight or so. Lots of fun hands-on stuff. The kids can climb inside a couple of airplanes where they can push peddles to move the rudders and wing flaps, or a helicopter where they control the joystick.

Museum of Flight (13)

Museum of Flight (19)

Museum of Flight (22)

The next big thrill was Air Traffic Control. The kids picked up “radios” to hear the pilots and air traffic controllers. Then they got to go out in a “control tower” to see what the professionals see.

Museum of Flight (26)

Museum of Flight (28)

Next up was a trip across a really cool sky-bridge to the Space Gallery (yay space!) and the airplane pavilion. The pavilion is a huge covered area full of airplanes, many of which you can board and tour around inside. There was everything from WWII bombers to FedEx delivery planes to Air Force One.

Museum of Flight (33)
Boarding Air Force One

That’s right. We went aboard Air Force One. Now, before you get too excited, you should know it’s the plane President Johnson used. In the 1960’s. So the technology on-board was somewhat overwhelming. That, however, was rectified when we got to check out the new Boeing 787, otherwise known as The Dreamliner.

Museum of Flight (38)

This photo really doesn’t do it justice. Just trust me, it was HUGE. It has an upstairs. The house I grew up in doesn’t have an upstairs, but this airplane sure does! (It’s where the pilots and flight attendants can sleep).

The best part about the day was the fact that we had passes that allowed us to go for free (parking is also free). If you’re a paying customer, I would recommend waiting until your kids are late-elementary school age. We were there for about two-and-a-half hours, whizzing past all the signage and educational stuff and just going for the highlights and hands-on. Tickets are pretty pricey ($23 for adults) to pay and only go for a couple hours, and I found that these kiddos had no real patience for standing around reading about things they weren’t allowed to touch (because TWO and FOUR. Self-explanatory). Definitely a great way to pass a morning when it’s free though!


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