UW Cherry Blossoms

The University of Washington has an area on campus known as “The Quad” (as do many college campuses). At UW, the Quad is literally a quadrangle (a rectangle, specifically) with areas of lawn criss-crossed by brick paths. Lining the brick paths are a bunch of very old, very beautiful, very large blossoming cherry trees. The blossoms peak in late March or early April each year, and this year we happened to visit on the day they were predicted to be at their fullest bloom: April 1st.

UW Cherry Blossoms 2017 (23)

UW Cherry Blossoms 2017 (16)
My partner in crime

The kids were thrilled to run around on campus for a bit, and excited about the gorgeous pink and white trees.

UW Cherry Blossoms 2017 (17)

Poor Eleanor. We thought she was doing okay, but she was coming down sick. By the time we got to UW she had a fever and was shivering and shaking. I’m sure her body was aching too, but she was such a trooper. She didn’t complain once. We made it a very short visit as soon as we saw how poor she was feeling.

UW Cherry Blossoms 2017 (21)

Zach took control of the camera for awhile so there are actually pictures of me (yay!). He got some great ones of the kids, too.

UW Cherry Blossoms 2017 (29)

UW Cherry Blossoms 2017 (38)

While brief, it was a lovely way to welcome Spring.

UW Cherry Blossoms 2017 (47)
Brick Hopping

If you want an extra shot of adorableness, here’s a link to the last time I took the kids to see the cherry blossoms. Eleanor was younger than Alden is now (only about 18 months old) and Alden didn’t exist yet even in-utero. Check out Zoey’s hair!!

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