Alden’s 2nd Birthday

We played it low-key for Alden’s birthday party this year. Since he doesn’t exactly have any friends and our house is pretty small for an indoor party with a bunch of crazy kids, we invited only my parents and Zach’s sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law (yay!). Honestly, it was also because I just wasn’t feeling up for planning and hosting anything elaborate anyway.

Opening the first gift, from big sister Eleanor
Admiring the tag that Ellie signed herself

We spent the morning at Costco because I’m a super awesome mom like that, and once my parents arrived and Zach got home from work in the afternoon we let Alden start opening and playing with presents. For his part, Alden chose to refuse to nap for his birthday which made for some really choice moments later on.

Toy fire truck from Grandma and Grandpa. 

My parents gave Alden a Fisher Price “Little People” firetruck, complete with two firefighters and a Dalmatian, that makes all the sounds. (Thanks for that). He loves it of course. He was also completely thrilled with a bubble machine from Mom and Dad. We just recently started playing with bubbles with Alden, and his face lights up like Christmas morning every time, so a bubble machine seemed like a no-brainer gift idea. We were right.

Learning how it works.






Completely captivated
Ellie had to get in on the bubble action too

Alden recently grew into 2T sized clothing and inherited a couple of zip-up footie pajamas from his big sisters. One has Dora the Explorer on the front and the other is bright pink with several Disney Princesses on it. Alden loves his princess jammies. He frequently talks about “Anna Elsa jammies” (two princesses who are not, actually, on those PJs) so I decided I needed to get him some Frozen pajamas for his birthday. He is completely smitten and flat out refuses to take them off. I am not kidding, the tantrums he throws when he has to get dressed in the morning have reached epic new levels. But he’s so darn cute wearing these that I can’t really mind too much.


We always run into a bit of a conundrum with Alden’s birthday cake because 1) Zach’s birthday is the following day and we don’t want two cakes in two days and 2) none of us really like cake all that much anyway. So this year I combined two of Alden’s all-time favorite things: whipped cream and strawberries. I made a pan of brownies, plopped an insane amount of Cool Whip on top and decorated it with strawberries and raspberries.


It came out rather nice, actually. And quite tasty.


Alden approved.


At the end of the day, Alden had learned what the word “presents” means and how to appropriately tear into them, as well as how to blow out birthday candles. I’d call it a successful birthday.

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