Christmas 2016

It’s Christmas morning and Santa came!


He brought Alden this cool car ramp thing over on the left. Eleanor got the book “The Jolly Postman.” Zoey got a super-soft fleece robe with pandas all over it. There was a Moana costume and necklace with both girls’ names on it.


Modeling the Cinderella dress from Boma and Papa.

These things! I think they were called Jelly Balls or something like that. They were a stretchy, almost sticky goopy thing that you stick a plastic valve into. Then give yourself an aneurysm and/or hernia blowing into the valve until you have an enormous balloon about two feet in diameter and filled with confetti. Deflate and inflate as much as you want. These were the sleeper hit of Christmas this year. Sadly, Zoey’s was popped within the first hour and Eleanor’s within another day or two thanks to them doing exactly what you see here (sitting on them).


We got Alden this Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair toy that he had spotted at a Toys R Us pit-stop on our way home from Boise after Thanksgiving (Yakima! It’s the Palm Springs of Washington!). This thing is actually pretty cool. It comes with one pirate (Blackbeard, I presume), a crocodile/alligator, a row boat for the pirate and three cannonballs (which actually look like balls on a stick). There’s a cannon you can load the cannonballs into, aim it at your sibling, press the button and…pow! Gotcha! There’s also a “hidden” cannon inside the skull face on the front. Another switch makes the skull’s mouth open. If it “eats” the pirate he will slide down a ramp into the dungeon. Alden and the girls had an absolute blast with this thing. They loved to have him shoot them with the cannon. We’re currently down to only one cannonball, the other two having been lost to the depths under the couch or other pieces of furniture. We’ll find them someday and revive the fun.


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