Finding Joy in a Ditch

File this under: things I love about Eleanor. We went to my parent’s house. It was November and fairly cold, but the sun was shining and we all went for a walk around the block with my mom and her dog. Eleanor started the walk off with a quick jump in to the ditch in front of my parents’ house.


She rolled her pants up to keep them from getting soaked, and then kept them that way for the rest of the walk. Her legs were streaked with mud by the time we got back.


I used to collect tadpoles in this ditch as a child. I spent hours floating leaves and sticks down it. One winter it was about two feet deep with water and completely frozen over. My brother and I played soccer on the ice in our tennis shoes.


This child loves being outdoors so much. Her joy is palpable when she’s splashing, digging or climbing.

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