Zoey At Six Years Old

Six. My darling girl, you are six years old today. It’s hard to believe I’ve been a mother that long. Six is the age I’ve been looking forward to since you were growing in my belly. The age of real school and macaroni art projects and sweet Mother’s Day cards coming home in your backpack. The age where Santa and the Tooth Fairy are alive and thriving and a trip to Disneyland would be the pinnacle of magic and wonder.


Oh Zoey, we have so much to look forward to this year. My big kindergarten kid. You are rocking school. One of your teachers told me she has never seen so remarkable a kid as you with an IEP. In fact, come November when your IEP is up for re-evaluation, we will probably just say goodbye to it and switch to a 504 plan with just a few accommodations. You are making friends and interacting and being a leader in class in ways that absolutely delight your teachers (and us!). We’ll be getting you tested for the Highly Capable/Gifted students program next month. Since you’re already independently reading chapter books and doing addition, subtraction and even multiplication and division in your head, I’m fairly certain you’ll qualify.


You are so much like I was, like I still am in many ways. You love reading, you’re great at math. Science enthralls you. Earth sciences especially interest you: bugs and worms, flowers and plants. Unlike me, however, you also have a passion and a talent for art. In fact, you consistently say you want to be an artist when you grow up.


Zoey, I just can’t seem to find the words to express what an absolute joy you are. You bring so much depth and meaning to my life. Being your mother has, without a doubt, made me a better person. You have taught me levels of patience and empathy I never knew I could achieve. You have taken away so much of my judgement of others and taught me instead to first react with kindness and an open mind and heart. You have an innate goodness to you, a sweetness and gentleness that emanate to others around you. Like a fairy who can charm the butterflies to land in the palm of her hand, you posses this beautiful, indefinable quality that draws others to you. You are magic, my girl.


My Little Bit, with every hug and snuggle I feel a weight to you that wasn’t there before. You are growing, physically and emotionally, and changing before my very eyes. Yet you are still you. The intense, passionate, sensitive, caring, brilliantly smart, hilariously funny Zoey that I love wholly and without limit. I have cherished getting to know you these past six years and am overjoyed to continue this journey as your mother, witnessing the amazing person you are and will become.


Happy Birthday, my six year old. Go conquer!


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