Zoey’s New Look

After the cousins visited for at Eleanor’s birthday, Zoey decided she had to have bangs, just like her bigger cousin. Because of course. Since I let them decide what they want done with their hair and when, I agreed.

The hair stylist and I both explained to Zoey – in great detail – that she does not have her cousin’s super thick hair. She has my hair. That is to say, it is super, super fine and thin with a very defined and determined part in it and a high hairline on her forehead. Read: hair that is very difficult to rock bangs. Basically, they are thin, wispy bangs that want to part and push to either side of the forehead, pretty much defeating the purpose of having bangs.

Zoey, of course, responded with, “That’s fine! That’s okay! I still want them!” Oh to be so young and optimistic about a haircut.

The stylist did a very admirable job, in my opinion, and Zoey declared her love for her new haircut profusely. So I guess we’ll call it a success!



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