Labor Day Hike to Twin Falls

Zach had the great idea to spend our last official day of summer break – Labor Day – taking a family hike. He chose Twin Falls in the Olallie State Park, near Snoqualmie Pass. It was only a short forty-five minute drive from Seattle and the round trip hike was about 3.5 miles. Perfect for little legs.


Looking for trolls under the bridge
And then this candid moment.

The weather cooperated nicely, giving us a day that was overcast and in the 60’s. The only downside was that many other people seemed to have the same idea that day and the trail was pretty crowded.

Zoey was trying to point out a bird in a tree

People we saw on the trail:

  1. A friend of mine who used to teach me yoga
  2. a very, very pregnant woman who was showing us all up
  3. random tourist who tried to take a close-up picture of Alden in the baby carrier on my back.
  4. Many, many dogs (much to Alden’s delight)

It was so bizarre when I turned my head to look at a man standing awkwardly close and saw him trying to take a photo of Alden. “Please don’t take a picture of my son!” I said. My words were polite, but my tone said, “Back off now or I will end you, Creep!” Seriously, who does that? I’m fairly sure he was Japanese – perhaps this is a cultural difference that I’m clueless about? I’m certain he meant no harm, but it was just really weird to me. The man was very polite and apologetic when I told him to stop.



The hike was lovely. There were a good number of hills and switchbacks, but the views of the gorgeous green forest and thundering waterfalls were so beautiful. There were several spots where the river seemed perfect for swimming as well, had the weather been warmer.


Skipping stones and throwing rocks in the river

Zoey opted to do the hike while wearing a crown because, well, Zoey. She got many compliments on it.


Quintessential Zoey

I was really proud of both girls, who did the entire hike with minimal complaint. 3.5 miles is a long way for such little legs! Poor Alden wished he could do more of the hiking himself, rather than being contained in the baby carrier. Sorry kiddo, give it a couple more years.



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