Baseball and Blue Angels

Back in the early part of August, we took Zoey to her first major league baseball game. She’d been asking for awhile to go see the Mariner’s play at Safeco Field, and we were planning to take my Dad to a game as a Father’s Day gift, so we decided to take her along as well. We chose a day in August because it was Ken Griffey, Jr night and they were giving away #24 jerseys to the first 20,000 fans. Unfortunately, even getting there more than an hour before the game started wasn’t early enough to get us a jersey.


Ready to catch any wayward baseballs

We met the Mariner Moose, which was a first for me as well.



It also happened to be Seafair Weekend here in Seattle, and the Blue Angels were performing. From our nosebleed section seats we were able to see them fly right over the stadium and around it several times, which was pretty awesome.

Zoey really loved the experience, and paid attention through the whole game, asking questions and learning all about baseball. I’m pretty sure she knows more about the game than I do at this point.


I think my Dad enjoyed his belated Father’s Day as well.



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