Spiderman Birthday Party

So Eleanor is four now. FOUR. Let that sink in for a minute. Yeah, it’s killing me too.

Eleanor’s actual birthday was on a Wednesday, so she had to wait until Daddy got home from work to get her presents. It seems the wait was worth it. She got a pack of water balloons from Zoey, a flying Spiderman from Alden, and the Disney Robin Hood DVD from us.

Eleanor 4th Birthday (40)

She also got one other big present from us: a scooter, just like Zoey got for her fourth birthday.

Eleanor 4th Birthday (32)

Eleanor 4th Birthday (45)

Doc McStuffins knee, elbow and wrist guards also included because I’m a nurse and SAFETY! ALL THE SAFETY! Besides, Ellie loves Doc. She was off and cruising on her new scooter in minutes, a pro from the first glide.

Eleanor 4th Birthday (61)

Later that evening a minivan full of cousins arrived from Idaho. They were actual here for a soccer tournament, but the timing was perfect for them to also be here for Ellie’s birthday. We held her party on Saturday. My four year old is the coolest little girl you can imagine, so of course she wanted a Spiderman themed birthday party. She doesn’t really even know who Spiderman is  – other than a superhero who catches bad guys using webs like a spider – but she thinks he’s awesome and I love that.

Eleanor 4th Birthday (78)

Once again, Grandma made an amazing birthday cake for the special day.

Eleanor 4th Birthday (72)

Despite the oppressive heat and humidity, it was a wonderful day. With friends, family, gifts and cake how can you possibly go wrong?

Eleanor 4th Birthday (82)
Spiderman hoodie from Grandma and Grandpa. It even has a cool attached mask.
Eleanor 4th Birthday (95)
Yay for Goldie Blox!

My parents saved their big, special gift for last.

Eleanor 4th Birthday (101)

It’s not a party until you have preschoolers with their very own karaoke machine!

Eleanor 4th Birthday (111)

Eleanor 4th Birthday (114)

My house has not been quiet since. But, oh, it is the most glorious sort of noise! The hilarity of the songs these two create just kills me. And now with spinning, multi-colored lights disco ball action! I deem this toy amazing (provided you can listen to it from a separate floor of the house).

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