The Conclusion of Toe-Gate

Two weeks after Alden’s Baby Foot vs. End Table event, I took him back to the doctor for a follow up x-ray. During those two weeks, we had to keep a splint on his right foot at all times. We had to make the splint by buying a pair of baby shoes with a really hard sole (not those soft moccasin-type baby shoes) and then cut off all the upper part of the shoe, leaving just the stiff sole. A really cute pair of baby Vans died a brutal death for this splint. We would then use Coban wrap to strap the sole to your foot so that you couldn’t bend your toes at all. The first x-ray had shown that you might have broken one of the bones in the end of your foot (before the toes) and we wanted to make sure it healed properly.



We were advised to keep the splint on you anytime you might stand up, which meant even when we put you to bed at night. We did that for about the first week before abandoning the splint during sleeping times. You would wake every twenty or thirty minutes, all night long, just sobbing. It seemed the splint was really uncomfortable – possibly even painful – for you as you were sleeping. It was also beginning to cause a pressure sore on the top of your foot, so we decided to use the splint as little as possible. This meant that I was spending a LOT of time wearing you in the baby carrier or just holding you in my arms. Luckily, you’ve always been a baby who likes to be held and snuggled.




So at the follow-up appointment we repeated the x-ray, looking for calcium deposits that would definitively show where the fractures were. It turned out that the only fracture was in the tip of your big toe, and had pretty much healed. We got to ditch the splint and let you walk as much as you wanted. And boy did you want to! Your toenail is still a ghastly red and purple with a big crack across the middle of it. It will likely fall off after it grows out a bit further. I’m just happy nothing serious was broken and you’re back to being your usual adventurous, adorable self.


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