An Idaho 4th of July

Just a week after school let out, we kicked off our summer vacation with a road trip to Idaho. Zach’s cousin was getting married July 2nd and we decided to roll that into a 4th of July visit with the rest of his family. Our itinerary looked like this:

June 30: spend all day driving to Boise. Spend two nights with Zach’s best friend (who happens to have two boys close in age to our girls)

July 2: Spend half the day driving to Pocatello for the wedding, spend the night in a hotel.

July 3: Spend half the day driving back to Boise, spend two night’s at Zach’s older sister’s house.

July 5: Spend all day driving back to Seattle

Forecast: hotter than the face of the sun.

I really, *really* didn’t want to ever have to get out of that van. Pretty sure my face melted off the second I did.

Okay, sure. Why not?

It actually was really quite a fun trip, and one of the least stressful we’ve had so far with the kids. They were amazingly well behaved on the long trip to Boise. Then the girls had a complete blast hanging out with the two boys at our friends’ house.

The wedding in Pocatello was lovely, followed by a great reception. It was the first wedding the girls had ever been to (unless you count me being pregnant with Zoey at my own wedding) and they loved every second of it. The Love! It was just so Beautiful! And the cake! And the dancing! Oh yes, you could not get my two little booty-shaking girls away from that dance floor once they got started. It was amazing!

Wedding cupcakes! What could be better?
Oh, a frosting flower from the wedding cake. Sure, why not?

For the Fourth of July in Boise we started out the day with the city’s pancake breakfast in a park, followed by a community parade.

Zoey getting her face painted
It’s a peacock!

Later that evening it was back to another park to set up our blankets and chairs and watch fireworks with Zach’s family. Our girls had never seen a professional fireworks show before, and they were utterly thrilled. The excitement of getting to stay up until midnight was a big hit too. Eleanor kept gushing over the “purple fireworks!” and throwing her arms wide while she exclaimed, “Happy Fourth of July!!!!” It could not have been more adorable or perfect.

All the cousins
Eleanor opted for a balloon Ladybug bracelet instead of face paint. 
The Boise mayor was out of town so, as President of the City Council, Zach’s mom was acting mayor and got to head up the parade. 

I wasn’t sure how Zoey would do with the noise of the fireworks (and the brightness – we were very close!), especially after days of sugar, not enough sleep and staying up way too late, but she did fantastic. A small (fully expected) meltdown from both girls when we tucked them into bed, but nothing these parents couldn’t handle.



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