Spring Break Shenanigans, Part 1: Zoo with Grandpa

Mid-April was spring break for us, and we kept ourselves busy this year. We kicked it off with the visit from Zach’s parents. They all went to the Seattle Aquarium on Friday (while I was at work taking a required education course) and the next day we had our adventure through the tulip fields. On Sunday we all visited my parents’ and had dinner before taking my in-laws back to the airport.

Monday morning, Zach was back at work and I was facing a full week of three kids to entertain. We did a lot of fun things that week, but two of the highlights were a trip to the zoo with my Dad and a morning at Kubota Gardens.

The zoo day was just so much fun. The kids all adore Grandpa and were thrilled that he was coming with us. My dad hadn’t had much of a chance to ever explore the zoo with us before, so I think it was a fun treat for him too. We saw the jaguars, gorillas and lemurs, a glimpse of the tigers, the snow leopards and the African Savannah.

Looking at the lemurs
Hanging out “In Africa”

The highlight for everyone, however – and especially for my dad – was feeding the birds in Willawong Station.





Watching my dad feed the birds was a total blast. His face lit up like a kid in a candy store as the birds quite literally flocked to him. One particular bird (named Crikey) wouldn’t leave him alone, even when all the food was gone, and kept returning to my dad to nibble on his fingernails.

What do you call the opposite of a scarecrow?

It was one of our most memorable zoo trips yet, and everyone was pleasantly worn out afterward.


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