Cake Smash

It has come to my attention that I never really shared any photos of Alden smashing his birthday cake. Or anything about his first birthday, really. Allow me to correct my error!

Alden First Bday (6)
Opening the enormous present from Grandma and Grandpa


We kept it low-key, as we have for all of our kids’ first birthdays. They are still babies, after all, and need naps and don’t have real friends or anything. Since Alden’s birthday is the day before Zach’s, we made it a bit of a joint party for the two of them, albeit mostly focused on Alden still.

Waterfall wall!

My parents came up to join us for dinner, presents and cake, and Zach’s sister Kelsie came over after work for the cake smash as well. Since Alden is our first baby to truly love food, I was really looking forward to him exploring his cupcake. While he started off pretty slow with it, in the end he did not disappoint.

Alden First Bday (14)
“Happy Birthday to Yoooouuuuu!”

Birthday Cake (30)

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