St. Patrick’s Day 2016

On St. Patrick’s Day (geez, I’m behind on my blogging!) we invited my parents up to Seattle to celebrate with us. We headed over to T.S. McHugh’s, an Irish Pub in my old (i.e. pre-marriage and children life) neighborhood of Lower Queen Anne. There was live music, good food, and plenty of patrons for my children to annoy/charm.

My awesome parents


Conspiring with Grandma

Alden made a new best friend in the woman sitting behind him (I swear she was dying to ask to hold him but never did. Just talked to and played with him all through dinner. Which was awesome!). Eleanor stood up and danced in her seat to the live music and got everyone else feeling the Irish mood. Not to be outdone, Zoey started dancing in the aisle near our table until a man at a nearby table started clapping for her. I think that made her feel self-conscious, but in a good way.

Mr. Charming with his new BFF in the background


After dinner, we all went up Queen Anne hill to Kerry Park, which has a fantastic view of downtown Seattle. You can see the Space Needle, Waterfront and Ferris Wheel, Mt. Rainier, Alki, and the Puget Sound with the ferries sailing across it. At sunset it is particularly beautiful.





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