Alden at 13 Months

Alden, you are a curious little monkey if I ever did meet one. So much excitement and interest in the world around you! I can almost always find you standing on the baseboard heater in the living room so you can see out the front window and watch all the neighborhood happenings.

While you’re still not really talking, you babble constantly in the most adorable little voice. You love to hold toys – any toy, really – up to your ear and pretend you’re talking on a phone. You occasionally will push a toy car or truck and make a sound like a motor. And your sign language switch must have flipped, because all of a sudden one day you started signing like crazy. You now consistently sign “more,” “food,” and “all done.” You also do an adorable little parade wave (from the wrist!) to say hello and goodbye as well as occasionally blowing kisses.

If I ask you for a kiss you’ll give me repeated open-mouth kisses. I always have to beware  slightly, for fear you’re going to bite me when you do that. There’s still a mark on my leg from where you bit a chunk out of it two months ago.

While you frequently behave as if you are teething you still only have four teeth – two on top and two on bottom – with no real signs of more coming in just yet. The fussiness struggle is real though. You were fighting naps so strongly that we finally just made the leap to one nap a day instead of two. It seems early to do that, but you do seem to be happier this way, at least most of the time.

A couple days ago I layered you up with warm clothes and a full-body rain suit that’s much to big, stuck your boots on your feet and took you outside in the backyard with your sisters for the first time. You thoroughly enjoyed toddling (and falling) all over the uneven yard, picking up random things, playing with dump trucks and tractors in the almost-empty sandbox and watching your sisters and I as we cleared the vegetable gardens of dead leaves and sticks to be ready for planting. I can’t wait to take you out to play in the summer with water tables and your new waterfall wall. You’re going to love it!


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