Alden at 11 Months Old


My little buddy.

This past month has been jam-packed full of discoveries and milestones for you. The one you are most enthusiastic about is clapping. You learned how to do it during our trip to Idaho and you haven’t stopped since. It is adorable. Sometimes I think you’re trying to sign “more” and it looks like clapping, but mostly I think it’s just when you are happy about something. You start clapping almost every time I lay you on the changing table, which is hilarious.

We also have decided you are officially saying “Dada” and “Mama.” We’re calling “Dada” your first word, and it is definitely your favorite. Although not as crystal clear as your sisters’ first words, it has become clear to us that you know those words mean Zach and I. And, oh, do we love hearing them from you. You also have a word you say a lot, especially during meal times, that sounds like “Gack Guck.” We’re pretty sure it’s actually “cracker,” your word for all finger food.

You are so excited about walking and soclose to those first baby steps. You get a huge smile on your face whenever we take your hand and help you walk around the living room. You can do it holding only one hand, and a few times you have stood on your own – not holding onto anything – for several seconds. You just need the confidence (and maybe a touch more balance) and you’ll be off running.

We finally figured out to pour your jars of baby food into a reusable squeeze pouch and let you suck it out. You still hate being spoon fed and will spit out anything we try to feed you that way, but with the pouch you’ll suck down an entire jar of food in under a minute. Fruits remain your favorites, and you really enjoy the meat and veggie mixes. Green beans are not your favorite.

Just before Christmas, you started a string of nights where you would sleep for an eight-to-ten hour stretch. Then, during the day, you’d take two beautiful naps, falling asleep easy-peasy. It was amazing! Of course, then we went to Idaho and messed up your entire schedule and got you sick and that messed it up even more. But I have hope! I have seen the light (or is it the dark?) of a full night of sleep and I know it is possible! We just need to find our way back there.

You still have just four teeth – two on top and two on bottom – but seem to be gearing up to add more. There has been a lot of chomping and drooling going on lately.

In just one short month we will celebrate your first birthday. I can barely comprehend it. It seems I blinked and the your newborn stage was over, blinked twice more and now here we are. I love just about everything about the first year of babyhood, and I’m sad to see it pass so quickly. But oh, I have enjoyed your babyhood so very much.

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