Donnelly, Idaho

The day after Christmas, while the kids played with all their holiday swag, I spent the day packing suitcases, backpacks, diaper bags, snack sacks and as many reusable grocery bags as I could find with all that we would need for a twelve hour car trip to Idaho to visit Zach’s family for five days.

The next morning, we headed out bright and early for Donnelly, Idaho. Zach’s parents had rented a “cabin” there for all of us. And by cabin I mean the largest, most gorgeous mansion I have ever been in.

The "Cabin"
The “Cabin”

It had the capacity to sleep twenty-six people. TWENTY-SIX. A gorgeous, gourmet kitchen. A huge bedroom upstairs for all the kids with it’s own bathroom, two sets of full-size bunk beds, another full size bed and a pull out twin. A master suite and two additional bedrooms and another bathroom on the main floor. Air hockey and foosball tables. Eight person hot tub on the back porch. Gaming systems and enormous HD TV’s. And tons of snow. It was a lovely place to stay, and we filled it up: Zach’s parents, our family of five, Zach’s sister April’s family of six, his sister Dominique’s family of four (including brand new baby Brahm!) and his sisters Kelsie and Whitney.

Twinsies! Eleanor and Aunt Whitney
Twinsies! Eleanor and Aunt Whitney


Newborn feet! Baby Brahm was only 3 weeks new for this trip!
Newborn feet! Baby Brahm was only 3 weeks new for this trip!

Alden got to experience snow for the first time. He was less than thrilled.

Baby's First Sledding
Baby’s First Sledding


Zoey preferred the "slide" method.
Zoey preferred the “slide” method.


Too cold Dad!!
Too cold Dad!!


He also seemed to be pretty overwhelmed by all the people, noise and general chaos (I feel ya, kid!) and spent the entire time screaming if anyone was holding him except me, Zach or occasionally Aunt Kelsie (who he spends a lot of time with). Even when Zach or Kelsie was holding him, if I walked by he often started crying and refused to be comforted until he was in my arms. Hello separation anxiety.

Alden with Kelsie and Papa. And a really big icicle.
Alden with Kelsie and Papa. And a really big icicle.

I did manage to get one photo of Alden not crying, and I actually really love it. It’s over-exposed, the lighting is off, and it’s technically flawed, but there’s something magical about it that I just really like. Maybe it’s the fact that Alden wasn’t screaming for me to hold him.

Zach and Alden
Zach and Alden

As always, when Cleggs get together, there was a lot of playing of board games.


All the little cousins had a blast running and playing together until they were worn to exhaustion. We stayed there for two nights before packing up taking a two hour drive to Zach’s parents’ house in Boise, Idaho.


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