Eleanor’s First Haircut

It seems like just weeks ago, Zoey was getting her first haircut. And then we cut it even shorter.  But now, it has already grown back out below her shoulders and I’m scheduling another appointment to get it cut again. Eleanor, never content to miss out, has been begging me since June to cut her hair “at the salon, Mommy.”

I finally agreed to cut it, but on the condition that I do her first haircut at home so that I can keep every last whisp and curl for her baby book. She happily consented and out came the scissors. Since Zach was at work, I gave Zoey my cell phone and appointed her official photographer of the event. She took her role very seriously: there are 140 pictures of the event, approximately 137 of which include a direct shot of my butt. Thanks Zoey.

The "before" shot of her long, blonde hair.
The “before” shot of her long, blonde hair.


Cutting, cutting, cutting...
Cutting, cutting, cutting…

Eleanor is not the best at following the “sit still!” command (uh, she’s three) so her hair ended up quite a bit shorter than I planned in an effort to get it even. Still, she loves it and it really suits her well.

Almost done...
Almost done…



Plus, it is so much easier to take care of now.

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