Christmas 2015

This Christmas was…delightful. Magical. Low key. Relatively low stress. Just…nice.

We spent the entire day of Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, to which I completely forgot to bring my camera and had to settle for iphone pictures.


soooo close to taking those first baby steps!
soooo close to taking those first baby steps!

We had a lovely day, a delicious dinner, and then headed home early enough for a decent bedtime for the kids after hanging stockings. And we actually remembered to set out milk and cookies for Santa this year! (And carrots for the reindeer, of course). (Zoey was very concerned about the reindeer coming in our house. I told her Santa takes the carrots to the roof for them). My parents then came to our house on Christmas day to celebrate with us.


Zoey asked for a train set from Santa this year, and Eleanor asked for “some little people” which, upon further questioning, we determined actually meant some kind of tiny figurines she could play with, likely inspired by the Calico Critters she and Zoey adore at the toy store. Since Santa is way to broke for Calico Critters this year (and probably every year for the conceivable future), Santa delivered a set of Disney figurines that are just the right size for tiny three year old hands. It included several princesses and characters from Finding Nemo, Whinnie the Pooh, Toy Story, and The Incredibles. Ellie seemed to approve. Zoey received a train set, as asked for, which, luckily, includes four wooden trains since it is NOT, in fact, compatible with the small metal Thomas Take-N-Play trains they already have (despite numerous assurances that is is “compatible with all major brands!”). grumble grumble.

Alden received a Fisher Price dinosaur that plays obnoxious music and makes balls bounce out of his back and mouth. He’s pretty ambivalent toward it so far, but the girls love it.

Opening a gift from Bama and Papa
Opening a gift from Bama and Papa

I undertook a sewing marathon and made Alden a stuffed sleigh with a teddy bear and plush gift box in it as a Christmas gift, as well as a new sleep sack and, of course, his stocking.






I was quite proud of myself at the end of it, but there were several nights of staying up until 2am to get it all finished. In turn, Alden rewarded us with several glorious nights of sleep. On the 23rd he slept ten hours straight – all through the night! – and then repeated the feat the next three nights with only one waking each night, usually around 4 or 5 in the morning. After a full week of refusing to nap at all, anywhere, and then waking repeatedly all night long, this was an amazing gift. Glorious, I tell you!

I have very few photos of all the festivities because, well, I was enjoying them.

The Crazy Cleggs, December 2015
The Crazy Cleggs, December 2015

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