Flupocalypse 2016

We spent six days from just after Christmas until New Year’s with Zach’s family in Idaho. There was snow, board games, Star Wars viewings, gift giving and lots of general merrymaking. There were aunties and cousins and new babies and grandparents. There were also germs.

Lots of germs.

Flu (4)

Eleanor and Alden are ridiculously sick, and I’m pretty sure it’s the flu. Zoey is showing signs of coming down with it as well. It’s either a strain I’ve already had or my immune system has suddenly realized it’s function and purpose in existing, because somehow I’m still holding strong against it despite multiple direct inoculations from my offspring (I’ll let your imagination do the work there).

Zach, of course, is “a little bit tired.” And that’s it. Because his skin is actually made of titanium and nothing penetrates his immune forces. Which I’m actually grateful for, despite my raging jealousy.

So, yeah, if you need me, I’ll just be here, doing frequent loads of laundry in order to have enough old baby burp cloths to keep up with the constant flow of snot.

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