And, We’re Off Again! (Or Is It On Again?)

Holy mackeral. What a year! Let’s see, what happened in 2015?

Oh, um, I HAD A BABY.


So, yeah, that took up a smidgen of time. Still does, actually.

Annnnnnd, really all else pales in comparison I guess, but here are the rest of the highlights:

Zach and I celebrated five years (FIVE!) of this crazy little game we like to play called “marriage.”

Eleanor turned three (THREE!)

Eleanor 3 years old (109)

Zoey turned five (FIVE!)

Best Z5 (8)

Both my girls in preschool (BOTH!)

2015 Back to School (58)

We got the kids their first pet

Raindrop, in all his glory, pre-illness. He looks almost this good again now.

And all of a sudden, the year is over and it’s January and we’re starting all over again. Where does the time go?


Some highlights to look forward to in 2016:

  1. I’m going to try to work a few more hours each week.
  2. I’m finally going to get the surgery I’ve been needing for my sinuses/septum/tonsils/adenoids and have been putting off for more than six years.
  3. Maybe a move? Maybe out of this crazy, overpriced, drafty, cramped, old rental home? God I hope so.
  4. Exercise! I hope!
  5. Maybe, possibly, not making any promises here but maybe time for more blogging here on Momsasaurus. I really, really hope so.


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