Alden at 9 Months Old

Can three quarters of your first year already have flown by? It hardly seems possible, but when I look at all the things you can do, I know it must be true.


You crawl all over the place, and you’re surprisingly fast. You crawl “properly” now, on hands and knees, rather than pulling your body along army-crawl style. You’re the only one of our kids to do so. I’m not really sure why, but watching you crawl just turns me into a mushy mess of mama love. I think it’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. You might disagree, seeing as how your poor, chubby little legs are continuously covered in tiny bruises. I’m still not sure where they’re coming from, but it’s got to be related to your mobility ambitions.


Weeks (months?) ago you learned to pull yourself up to stand, and now you are cruising all around the house. You start with the nearest piece of furniture and don’t stop until you’ve run out of things to hold onto. I know it won’t be long until you’re taking your first steps. I feel both excitement and dread at the prospect. We’ve already had to move anything thing deemed Not Safe For Alden To Eat to higher ground. Our coffee tables have never been so clear of clutter.


We finally figured out that you just really don’t like pureed baby foods. We give you Cheerios, frozen peas, steamed veggies, slices of fruit, bits of hard boiled egg white and small pieces of meat. You love figuring out how to pick up the various sized foods and get them to your mouth. I’d say at least 90% of it still ends up in your lap or on the floor, but you’re getting there. At least you are enjoying food. We did give you one pouch of pureed pears which you very quickly got the hang of and slurped down like nobody’s business. Anything for some fruit, eh?


Teeth. You have four of them. FOUR. Only a couple weeks after the first two on the bottom came through, you cut the top two as well. Honestly, of the three of you kids, you’ve been the least fussy with the teething and the least likely to bite me while nursing. I want you to know I appreciate that.


What I love the most right now is your playfulness. You love to grab my face and give me big, drooly, open-mouth kisses. The other day, after nursing, you kept lowering your face to my chest and blowing on me, the way I do on your belly and neck to tickle you. Each time, I would laugh and your head would pop up, a look of delight on your face. You love to pull blankets over your head and play peek-a-boo. You think it’s hilarious when mommy sneezes. Chasing after your sister’s remote control car in the living room never gets old to you.


Most nights you still wake up at least twice to nurse, although this past week we had several nights where you were up every hour or even half-hour. Thanks for that. Hopefully we’re past it. You sleep in your own room now, and have been for about two months. You seem to love it. You woke a lot more when your crib was in mommy and daddy’s room. I love the way you wake up happy and playful, with a big smile on your face, every morning after a good night of sleep.


In only three more months we’ll be celebrating your first birthday. My dear boy, you will likely be walking before then. I suspect you will have said your first word by then as well. So many, many milestones are flying by and I’m doing my best to thoroughly enjoy each and every one. You make it easy to do so.


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