Ladybug Birthday

It has come to my attention that I never shared anything about Eleanor’s birthday party (back in August. Oops!) Eleanor wanted a Ladybug themed party, which was quite fun for me.

I found some awesome free printables online and went with a lot of red and black food (think blackberries and raspberries, cherry tomatoes and black olives) and a general “bug” theme (ants on a log, etc).




My mom made a fantastic ladybug cake.


I bought two large red posterboards, one of which I cut into a giant number 3 and painted black spots on.


The other I painted a big ladybug without spots on. Each party guest got a black dot with his or her name on it and we played “pin the dot on the ladybug.”


The girls helped me make goody bags for the party guests. I had them use red paint to put their hand prints on brown paper lunch sacks. After the paint dried, I used a Sharpie to draw antennae and spots to turn the hand prints into ladybugs. I then had the girls finish off the bags with a “Thank You” rubber stamp.

Ladybug gift bag (2)

I think “ladybug” may very well be my favorite party theme I’ve done yet.




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