And So It Begins…Again

It’s officially Fall. Everyone else is exclaiming about how it’s “Sweater Weather” and “Pumpkin Spice Everything” season.

I’m over saying, “It’s the season of Purell, you fools! Grab your tissues!”

The girls had exactly three days of school last week. And by “days” I mean two and half hours of class time. Each. Apparently, that’s all the exposure time you need to get the first illness of the school year.

By Thursday I could tell the girls were coming down with something but they weren’t *technically* sick yet (no runny nose or cough) so I sent them to school anyway. By bedtime Thursday they were officially sick. Friday we were supposed to go to the Museum of Flight with my parents, but instead I was stuck in the house all day with three (yes, three) sick kids. To be honest, I wasn’t feel too awesome myself.

Friday night was brutal. By 2am Zach and I had each had a whopping forty-five minutes of sleep. That’s because Eleanor had vomited five separate times by that point, with each time requiring a full bed change and a bath. We did three loads of emergency laundry. I finally gave Eleanor some ondansetron and we put her to sleep on a makeshift bed in the living room while Zach slept on the couch next to her, in case she got sick again. I continued to get up several more times through the night for Alden.

Saturday we were all a wreck. Zach, being the wonderful person he is, let me get an hour nap and then took the kids on an afternoon walk to the grocery store to grab something we needed for dinner. Unfortunately, come bedtime, Eleanor was up-chucking again. I jumped right to the ondansetron this time so we could all get a better night’s sleep. Alden had other ideas for us, though. He was so stuffed up with snot that he kept waking up, coughing and choking on it. Then I would try to nurse him back to sleep, but he couldn’t stay latched because he couldn’t breathe through his nose.

Sunday and we were all worse for the wear, except maybe Zoey who was on the mend. I had completely lost my voice and was headed downhill fast. Even Zach was feeling ill, and he almost never gets sick.

Last year we spent the entire school year sick. I don’t think I can handle it if that happens again this year. For the love of all that is holy, please don’t let that happen again this year.

In lieu of photos of my sick family, enjoy these throw-back pics of previous (less germ-filled) Autumns.


Zoey Elephant, 2011
Zoey Elephant, 2011


The Family Pumpkin
The Family Pumpkin

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