Alden vs. Food

Shortly after Alden turned six months (so back in August, for those who haven’t been following along with the rest of the class) we introduced his first “solid” food. By solid, I of course mean those ridiculous puree foods. He still doesn’t have any teeth (I’m torn between wanting them to come in NOW and stop this months-long teething nonsense and hoping they’ll hold off awhile longer because breastfeeding) so I figured why not just opt for the easy peasy pre-made puree?

This is why not:


Sadly, this pic I snapped real quick with my phone doesn’t even begin to show you the look of utter disgust and disdain I received when those sweet potatoes first met Alden’s mouth. He was horrified, you guys. I’d say just this side of traumatized.

He then spent the next three weeks continuing to despise any and all forms of food: purees, a hunk of banana, those baby rice puff snack things, Mum-Mum crackers…everything. You name it, he rejected it.

Oh, and he also decided to go on a nursing strike at the same time. Nursing for only a minute or two at a time (you know, just long enough to trigger the letdown and then, NOPE! See ya! Bye-bye!). Stiff-arming me – pushing away as hard as he can against my sternum while trying to latch. Not so comfortable. Basically, baby boy pretty much stopped gaining weight for about a month there.

We’re finally back on track with breastfeeding and, after trying some tasty pureed pears, Alden is slowly warming to the idea of solid food. He still gives me some interesting faces, though.

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