The Stretch That Broke The Mama’s Back

On Thursday morning I woke up feeling great. I’ve been going to physical therapy for the past six weeks to fix the diastasis rectii (separated abs) and some other issues pregnancy left me with. On Thursday, I was feeling good, decently rested and no stiffness or pain. I got up out of bed, smiling at Alden, reached my arms above my head in a stretch and…SNAP! The entire left side of my back seized up into the most horrid charley horse you can imagine.

You know when you wake up at night or in the morning, stretch your legs and get that awful charley horse cramp in your calf? Think of how bad that hurts and multiply it by ten. That was my back. So there I was, the only adult with two preschoolers and a baby and I could barely even stand up, much less lift the baby out of the crib. I managed to get my phone and call Zach who rushed to find a way home from work (he carpools and his ride would still be at work). While waiting for him, I managed to hoist Alden from the crib with my right arm and grit my teeth through the pain while I carried him to the changing table, changed him and then carried him to the play pen we have set up in the living room. Then I sat on a chair and cried until Zach got home.

We got me in to see my physical therapist that afternoon and with her help, a lot of ice throughout the day and ibuprofen I was feeling very stiff, sore and achy but no longer in tears with the pain. My mom and dad took turns coming over to help with the kids and Zach stayed home from work on Friday. It is now Saturday and I’m still not able to lift my son or do much of anything, but I did manage to get a shower and dress myself. It’s the little things.

Monday is my birthday. I was planning to take the kids to the aquarium. I’m still hoping there’s a small possibility of that happening, but I know it isn’t likely. Until then, you can find me on the couch with an ice pack, bemoaning my fate. Moral of the story: never wake up thinking about how good you feel today. It’s like slapping Fate in the face and saying “I dare you.” Here’s a picture of my cute baby to look at instead:


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