We Like to Move It, Move It

Our zoo recently got tigers and ring-tailed lemurs. It is exactly as awesome as it sounds. We’ve went there at least four times in the last three weeks of July. We were, in fact, binge zoo-ing as our annual membership was going to expire on the final day of July.


I like to move it, move it!


Captivated by the super active lemurs

We’re not sure when we’ll be renewing the membership, with both girls set to start preschool in the fall. So we also decided to squeeze in all the fun activities that we never do because they cost extra. Like feeding the birds in Willawong Station.


She was actually thrilled to be holding the bird. She just doesn’t feel super comfortable having her picture taken.


Two birds!


I just love her face!


All credit goes to Zoey for taking the pictures of Eleanor feeding the birds.


We also did the one thing the girls beg for every time and I always say no:

Yup. The carousel.


I know I’ve said it before, but we really, really love our zoo.


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