The Week When Everything Broke

Last Thursday our clothes dryer died. Of course, this happened immediately after I put a load of laundry into it and started another enormous load in the washer. An hour or so later I came back to find the first load still wet, the dryer having died about two minutes after I started it and walked away. Oh, and there was a huge bag of dirty cloth diapers upstairs awaiting washing as well. 

I think I stared at the dryer in shock for a full five minutes before muttering something elegant like, “You’ve got to be f****** kidding me.” Then I decided to make lemonade out of our soggy laundry lemons. It was ridiculously hot and sunny outsite (again) so I washed the diapers anyway and then laid them all out in the backyard. They got dry and the sun bleached all the poop stains out. Win-win. Then I loaded all our wet, clean clothes back into the laundry bags, piled all the kids in the van and drove one mile down the road to the local laundromat. 

I had never been to a laundromat before, so this was a new adventure for all of us. I still have a huge stash of quarters leftover from doing laundry in my apartment-dwelling days, which I raided before setting out. The girls (and Alden too, honestly) were mesmerized by watching the dryer spin ’round and ’round for a good fifteen minutes. At the first sign of ants in their pants, I plopped them into an oversized stuffed chair, propped up the ipad I brought along and let them stream Olivia episodes for the next forty-five minutes. That left me with only Alden to entertain, and fortunately he was in an agreeable mood. 


So then there was the issue with my new iPhone 6. I just bought it in June, after finally hitting my limit of dealing with the iPhone 4 I’d been using for more than four years. The home button hadn’t worked in over a year, the touch screen was unresponsive at times, it was slower than molasses and didn’t have the processing speed to install iOS 8 (or, let’s face it, anything after iOS 6). It was time to replace it. 

So I got my new phone and it came with some fancy, shmancy new Apple earbuds. A couple weeks ago I tried to watch a video on my phone, using the earbuds because I was attempting to nurse Alden to sleep. No sound. Huh. I check all the settings, the volume for the headphones is turned all the way up. That’s odd. So then I tried the earbuds on my iPad. They worked just fine. Ok, so it’s not the earbuds that are the problem. I then tried a different set of earbuds on the new phone and…no sound. Great. So my brand new phone is broken. 

I tried calling our phone carrier support, who basically told me, “We’ll replace it with a refurbished phone.” Oh, that’s awesome. So I spend a fortune for a brand new phone, it doesn’t work, so you’ll give me someone else’s phone that has already had problems and had to be fixed. That’s just peachy. 

So then I called Apple. They would set me up with an appointment at the Genius Bar, but wanted me to do a master reset of the phone first. No problem, I thought. I backed up my phone to the iCloud, did the master reset and then restored my phone from the backup. It didn’t fix the headphones problem. No surprise to me there, as I was assuming the problem was the actual headphones jack. 

I went to my appointment at the Genius Bar the next day and that’s when I realized it: when I did the backup, it didn’t backup ANY of my pictures or videos. I was crushed. Every picture I’ve taken of Alden since he was three months old, gone. All the cute videos of him babbling and laughing, gone. 

We eventually discovered that the problem wasn’t my new phone; it was actually my old phone. The backup I made from the old phone contained some kind of corruption that made the headphones not work. In order to have the headphones work on my new phone, I would have to restore it to factory settings. Which meant I had to re-download every app and redo all my settings like ringtones, etc. There was a silver lining though: all the pictures I thought I had lost were actually still there, on my ipad’s shared Photo Stream. So it’s just the videos that I lost, of which there weren’t too many. 


I’m not even going to get into the story about our ongoing issues with Comcast and the horrendously overpriced internet that never f********* works. 


We got our dryer fixed after only two days without it (good thing we keep disposable diapers on hand!) and I now have a fully functioning, brand new phone (yes, they gave me a new one). Now the only “broken” thing around here is my body (thank you, child number three) for which I am currently undergoing physical therapy with great hopes of a full recovery. Raise your glass of lemonade: cheers! 

3 thoughts on “The Week When Everything Broke

  1. Oh, the factory reset. I had to to that in the spring, and I’m still discovering contacts I never put back in when the old contact list was wiped. Torture! So glad you found your photos, though – that truly would have been tragic.

  2. Yes! why does everything break all at once?! My wifi is down this week #cries and my garage door is busted. Both are annoying, both need urgent attending to but I’m at work when the repair guys could come #passTheWine

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