When I’m Not the Mom I Want To Be

This has recently become very relevant once again. Re-reading it today helped give me perspective and remind me that I’ve been here before.


Sometimes I’m not a good mom.

I yell.

I lose my patience too quickly.

I get too wrapped up in what I want to be doing, and forget to consider you. How it must feel to have so little control over your own world. So little say in your life.

Sometimes I get so used to all the many things you can do, that I begin to expect and demand too much. Especially when it comes to your ability to control your own emotions. To say how you really feel.

When you are sitting there – in time out once again – with tears streaming down your cheeks and I see the look on your face that tells me you really don’t understand…it kills me. I’m the one misbehaving. I’m the one who forgot – once again – that you are still only two. Forgot to put you first.


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