Growth Spurt

Everyone in this house (with the exception of Zach) is growing. Actively and quickly. At the beginning of this month, I pulled out six month size clothes for Alden and started phasing out his three month outfits. As of yesterday, he is officially wearing (and fitting quite well into) nine month size clothes. Let that sink in for a minute: my five month old is wearing NINE month old clothes. He fit into six months clothes for approximately two weeks. We measured him and he is officially as tall as the girls were at one year old.

Side note: I cannot understand how my son can be five months old, fit into nine month size clothes, and still only rank in the 37th percentile for weight/50th for height. I mean, really? Who ARE these kids they are basing the charts on??? What the hell are they feeding them? And why don’t our clothing sizes match the charts?? I have so many questions. 

About the same time I was pulling out larger clothes for Alden, I pulled out the bin of 3T clothes for Eleanor. The pants were still a good inch or two too long, so I stuck them back in the bin to revisit later. A couple days ago I noticed her pants looked too short (we finally had a couple days with weather cool enough to wear pants). I had her try on all her 2T pants and, sure enough, they were all too short. So back out came the 3T bin and, lo and behold, the pants fit perfectly.

Also, in June I bought Eleanor a brand new pair of over-priced Frozen dress shoes. They were size 6.5 and had a slight amount of room left to grow. She has not ever worn them. Not even once. It has been less than six weeks. And (you knew this was coming) they are now too small. Because of course they are. We don’t have any size seven dress shoes (apparently we skipped that size with Zoey?) but no way am I buying her any. She can wear one of the two pairs of size eights we have with an extra pair of socks.

For about two weeks now, every third sentence out of Eleanor and Zoey’s mouths is: “I’m hungry!” or “Can I have something to eat?” or “Is it breakfast/snack/dinner/lunch time yet????” All. Day. Long.

In the meantime, while the kids are all getting taller, I’m just getting fatter. Because, why the hell not?


Eleanor being way too huge and grown up


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