That’s So Pinteresting: Geography Visual Aids

Zoey frequently asks questions that are geography related: “How far away is Boise?” “Are we in Seattle still?” She also confuses the concepts of cities and states, and really hasn’t been able to grasp what a country or continent is. We bought a little inflatable globe so we could better explain the idea of The World to her and point out different countries. When I stumbled upon this Where Do I Live activity on Pinterest, I jumped on it. Zoey just really seemed to need a visual aid to grasp these concepts (understandably!) and this seemed perfect.

It was super quick and easy to make. I just googled and printed out pictures for Earth (planet), North America (continent), United States of America (country), Washington (state), Seattle (city) and our address (thanks Google streetview!).

I pasted the pictures onto construction paper, in descending sizes (biggest for planet, smallest for our home). This meant making sure I scaled the pictures appropriately as well. I also decided to make them in rainbow order, as that has been something Zoey is really into lately.

IMG_0031 edited

It only took going through these once or twice before Zoey had it down. She now talks about the planet Earth we live on, different countries and continents, and is grasping a firmer idea of cities and states. The whole project took me less than twenty minutes to put together (including time spent looking for images), and I would say it was time well spent!

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