A Day at the Salon

A few weeks back, I cut off all the long hair I’d grown out during my pregnancy. It was getting way too long and unmanageable, especially with Sir Grabby Hands in my arms all the time. I took Zoey with me on my trip to the cheap, no-appointment hair cut place so she could see how it all works. Ever since, she’d been asking me to cut her hair again, this time up above the shoulders like mine. I explained (repeatedly) that hair that short would not be able to be braided or even put in a pony tail, and she still insisted she wanted it. Honestly, trying to keep food, paint, glue and any other sticky substance she touches each day out of Zoey’s long hair was becoming an epic battle, and brushing out the tangles each day was torture for both of us. Not to mention washing it.

So excited
So excited

So I made an appointment one Saturday morning at a local kid’s hair salon for Zoey. They did a fabulous job! For the hair washing part, they have a padded table the kids can lie on with their head in the traditional sink – no sitting in a chair with their neck craned awkwardly. They also used chocolate scented shampoo, which thrilled Zoey to no end.

See the hair wash station in the back?
See the hair wash station in the back?

Zoey then got to sit in a Taxi Cab seat and play with a bucket of My Little Ponies (which she later traded out for a bucket of toy dinosaurs) while her hair was being cut. At the end , the stylist added a tiny braid on each side of Zoey’s head. The final icing on the cake was the five different colors of glitter dusted all over her new hairdo.

Zoey Salon Haircut (33)

Zoey Salon Haircut (36)
Can you see the glitter?

Zoey’s new haircut suits her so well: it’s short, easy and sassy. She loves it and so do I. Suddenly she looks like such a big, five year old girl (not quite yet, Zoey!).  Plus, it is SO much easier to take care of. Zoey can even brush it herself now, which makes her immensely proud. Cutting it was a good decision, for sure!

The final result!
The final result!

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