Father’s Day Bowling

We spent this Father’s Day doing a new activity the girls had never done before: bowling! We drove down to my hometown and had my mom bring my dad to join us. He didn’t know where she was bringing him, which was fun. I have a lot of great memories of my dad taking my brother and I bowling as kids, so I thought he’d enjoy this.

We wanted the girls’ first bowling experience to be a positive one, so we had them put bumpers on the gutters. We also used a ramp that the girls could set the ball on to let it roll down, since even their lightest ball was still pretty heavy for toddler use.


Zoey LOVED it! She even got a strike or two, which thrilled her to no end. In fact, I’m certain she had a better score than I did.

Grandpa helping Eleanor to set up the shot
Grandpa helping Eleanor to set up the shot

Despite the bumpers, my mom and I still managed to get a fair amount of gutter balls (how is that even possible?!) but it was still a lot of fun.


Zoey is definitely a big bowling fan now and told us she wants to go bowling every day. It’s nice to see her enjoy a physical activity so much. Zach and my dad seemed to really enjoy their Father’s Day as well, which was the goal, after all.


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