The Adventures of Butterfly Girl 

The other night, after getting out of the shower, Zoey stuck a hooded butterfly towel on her head and proclaimed herself to be The Superhero Butterfly Girl. 

Butterfly Girl defending her castle from invaders (probably spiders)

She then announced that her super power is “saving butterflies that get stuck in spider webs” and “I can touch spider webs without getting stuck even with nothing on my hands.”

Pretty impressive powers if you ask me.

The oversized chair was claimed as her castle (and later abandoned and repurposed as an “animal hospital” for the stuffed animals). Eleanor and I were frequently barraged with questions along the lines of “What problem do you have?” 

A representative exchange that took place: 

Zoey aka Butterfly Girl: “I’m here to save the day! What can I help you with?”

Eleanor: (all dramatic-like) “Oh I have a problem!” 

{tears sheets from bed}

“My bed is all crumpled! My sister did it!”

Butterfly Girl: (ignoring the false blame directed at her) “I’ll help with that!”

{proceeds to sort-of spread blankets back out across bed}

End scene.


Behold. Salvation is upon you.
All of this came 100% from Zoey’s imagination. I am so stinking proud! Less than a year ago this level of imagination and creativity was beyond her ability to express. It is FANTASTIC to see it finally come out. 

I’m pretty sure five years old is going to be my favorite year yet, because the closer we get to it, the more fun and mind-blowingly awesome she is. 

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