Alden at Four Months

Could you be a happier baby? 

You reach for and grab toys with zest, stuffing them instantly into your mouth. Your fingers are a constant, favorite snack and I do believe you may become a thumb sucker. A few days ago you found your feet and your socks are now frequently headed into that gummy smile as well. 

Yesterday I layed you on your back on the floor, with your head pointed South. A minute later, you were still on your back but your head was pointing North. I blinked and you were on your belly, head to the West. When you roll onto your belly you get stuck and start squawking for me to help you. No sooner do I put you on your back than you flip right back to your belly and start yelling again.

It’s been a rough month, with fevers and tummy troubles and chaotic sleep. I think we might finally be turning the corner though. Fingers crossed. 

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