Backyards and Bubbles and Sneezes, Oh My!

I have developed seasonal allergies. Words cannot convey how dismayed I am about this. For thirty-one years I watched those around me pop Sudafed like candy and stick their faces under faucets in vain attempts to survive the pollen-rich springs and summers. All the while, I quietly went along, sniffing flowers and enjoying the seasons without so much as an eye rub.

Backyard Bubbles (5)

Until last week. Oh good god. This is downright intolerable! I want to scratch my eyes out (particularly the right eye). I’ve been forced to shelter indoors, with all the windows shut and a single revolving fan to relieve the summer-like temperatures (may I remind you we live in Seattle, where air conditioning does not exist). Since I’m breastfeeding, my allergy medication options are pretty much limited to nasal sprays and eye drops. Since I’d find it easier to chop off my own toe than to get any sort of drops in my eye, I’m pretty much just suffering through.

Their new favorite game is
Their new favorite game is “painting” the house and basketball hoop with water

Admittedly, it’s not too bad here in Seattle. The first day it hit, I was in Puyallup at my parents’ house. It’s a more rural location, with many cottonwoods around (the chief culprit, I believe). That day the allergies were just horrendous. I’ve only had one really itchy day here in Seattle, despite it being a city with quite a lot of trees. Just not cottonwood trees, apparently (thankfully).

A smile like sunshine breaking through the clouds
A smile like sunshine breaking through the clouds

So I’ve actually braved going out in the yard with the kids a few times and done fairly well. Which is great, because keeping them cooped up inside with me was going to result in our house spontaneously combusting and none of us ever being heard from again.

Backyard Bubbles (25)

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