Sk8r Grrl

So this post is tremendously overdue, but I stumbled across the pictures last night and couldn’t say no to sharing them. Waaaaay back in December, Zoey told Santa Claus that she wanted roller skates for Christmas. As he generally does, Santa came through.

She started out like this:


Quickly progressed to this:


And before we knew it, she looked like this:


Do you see that smile? Do you see it? It is so full of joy and self-confidence and pride! I LOVE it!

The great thing about these skates is that they have three settings: (1) wheels locked (so you can “walk” in them), (2) wheels only roll forward and (3) wheels roll forward and back like normal skates. With her sensory processing disorder (and timid nature) Zoey has a hard time with new motor skills. She still hasn’t learned to do the balance bike she got for her birthday in September and, quite frankly, won’t even really try. In some ways, she just can’t.

Not so with these skates. The elbow, knee and wrist pads made her feel brave and unafraid of falling. The fact that the skates could walk, and not roll, gave her confidence. Before we knew it, she was asking us to put them on the second setting so she could really skate. I’m so proud of my brave, strong, happy girl!

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