Easter Egg Decorating, 2015

We tried out several new methods of Easter egg decorating this year, all of which were inspired by Pinterest (of course). My favorite, hands down, was using shaving cream and liquid water colors.

Egg Decorating 2015 (4)

You squirt a bunch of shaving cream onto a cookie sheet and then dribble liquid water colors on top. (We used these). Then just roll the egg in the colored shaving cream.

Egg Decorating 2015 (8)

Let the egg sit a bit, then wipe off the shaving cream. Voila! A marble-look decorated egg! It worked best with darker colors (so, everything but yellow).

Egg Decorating 2015 (3)

The best part was how toddler-friendly it was. So simple, really. I also really loved the sensory component of the kids squishing their hands around in the messy shaving cream. I think it was really good for Zoey. Eleanor sure loved it.

Egg Decorating 2015 (1)

Bonus: that blue shaving cream in her hair? Yes, it did indeed dye her hair blue. BUT! It washed out easy-peasy with a bit of shampoo in the shower. I’m TOTALLY going to give them rainbow colored hair this summer! In fact, all evidence of the color on their skin, clothes, etc washed off really easy.

Egg Decorating 2015 (14)

(See the blue hair?) I’m also a huge fan of the wire whisk to make it easier for little ones to hold the eggs without dropping them. Those little copper handles that come with the egg kits are a bit tricky for the toddler set.

Egg Decorating 2015 (16)

We also tried the trick of adding vegetable oil to the traditional egg-dyeing-in-a-cup technique. It was supposed to make a marbelized look as well. While it didn’t really do that, it did make for some more interesting color distribution. Fun, but don’t think I’ll bother with that again. The oil also made the eggs quite slippery.

Egg Decorating 2015 (34)
Post bath, with clean skin and hair, putting stickers on the eggs.
All blonde again!
All blonde again!

Egg Decorating 2015 (27)

The orange and white eggs are a good example of the oil in the dye. The blue egg with purple speckles was also an oil-dipped egg. Not sure why or how it came out that way, but I liked it. The ones with more white in them are products of the shaving cream (the two in the foreground actually have quite a bit of green on them, it just didn’t show up well in the picture).

Egg Decorating 2015 (25)

The purple and pink ones show the shaving cream technique.
Egg Decorating 2015 (23)

The green/yellow/orange and the green/orange/blue eggs here also were dipped in the oily dye, so the colors stuck in different ways (rather than just the traditional straight-line stripes).

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