St. Patrick’s Day Crafts: Popsicle Stick Rainbows and Felt Shamrocks

I decided to seize the chance to spend some more time with the girls this weekend while Zach was home to hold and soothe Alden. I frequently feel guilty about how little time I’m able to spend giving them my undivided attention these days. One of the easiest ways for me to interact with them that they enjoy is through arts and crafts.

Eleanor's Rainbow Project
Eleanor’s Rainbow Project

For our first craft, I pulled out the bag of jumbo size Popsicle sticks and washable paints. These girls seriously love paint. I set out a full rainbow of colors, substituting pink because we were out of red. I had the girls paint one Popsicle stick for each color of the rainbow. I tried to throw in a little bit of education here, quizzing them on the colors of the rainbow and then having them put the sticks in rainbow order after they were painted. They then glued the sticks onto a piece of paper to make a rainbow. I cut out a black pot and shamrock for Eleanor, and had Zoey cut out her own after I drew them (yay for scissor practice! Fine motor skills FTW!). The girls glued their pots and shamrocks onto their projects, and then we used gold glitter glue to make the gold in the pot.

Zoey’s Rainbow Project

For our second craft, I cut out some shamrocks from green felt. Zoey and I then decorated them with silver and gold glitter glue. She decided to make extras to send to her friends. The idea is that the kids can wear them with a safety pin on St. Patrick’s Day. Eleanor woke up from her nap just in time to direct me on how she wanted her’s decorated.


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