That’s So Pinteresting: St. Patrick’s Day Paper Chain Rainbow & Pot of Gold

With a new baby in the house, the girls aren’t getting nearly enough attention. I wanted something that I could sit down and do with them that wouldn’t require herculean efforts of preparation and clean-up on my part. Something simple, fun, and preferably in line with the season.

I saw this craft on Pinterest, but sadly cannot share the link with you as it was deemed “suspicious” and removed by the powers that be. This craft was quick, easy and relatively mess-free (except for the glitter, the herpes of the craft world). Exactly what I was looking for.



I cut out the rainbow-colored strips for the chain, yellow “gold pieces,” and the black cauldron, then let the girls put it all together. I opted to have them tape the paper chain links together, rather than staple, as tape is more in line with their current motor skills. They also taped their gold pieces to the pot. I then put some glue on the gold pieces and let the girls sprinkle the glitter on. A final strip of black paper to attach the pot to the chain and we were done. Zoey promptly asked to make more. Many, many more.

2 thoughts on “That’s So Pinteresting: St. Patrick’s Day Paper Chain Rainbow & Pot of Gold

  1. Very cute and simple – I’m storing that idea in my brain file. And oh, how brave you are to use glitter. I banned it from our house many years ago!

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