Dino Day at the Burke Museum

Alden may be only a couple weeks old, Zach and I may be utterly exhausted, we may now have more children than adults in our family but, gosh darn it, some things are just worth leaving the house for. Namely, dinosaurs.

Little Paleontologists
Little Paleontologists

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture resides on a corner of the University of Washington campus, and is a local treasure trove. When I saw that they were hosting Dino Day this past Sunday, I knew we couldn’t miss it. Zoey is quite interested in dinosaurs (and rightly so), as is Zach. We were not disappointed. The line to get in was long but moved quickly. The girls got to dress up in dino costumes and give their best ROAR, “dig” for a fossil, see entire dinosaur skeletons and finally gain an appreciation of their size, chip out their own plant fossil to keep and generally just get their “saurus-ness” on.

Digging up a fossil
Digging up a fossil

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