False Labor is Real

Of all the cruel jokes the universe plays on pregnant women, prodromal labor has to be one of the worst. Basically, it consists of lots and lots of exhausting contractions that start and stop for days before real labor finally kicks in. Sometimes, it can even last for weeks. Weeks. 

On Wednesday I was having a lot of contractions throughout the day. While not painful, they are not comfortable by any means, as they tend to involve a lot of pressure and sometimes spasms in my back. Technically these are still Braxton-Hicks contractions, as they are not actually doing anything other than exhausting me and making my life difficult.

On Wednesday evening, however, the contractions shifted and started coming at more regular intervals. I finally picked up on this and started timing them. Sure enough, every seven minutes I was having a 60-90 second contraction. I tried eating, peeing, drinking lots of water, resting with my feet up, walking around a bit…still regular as clockwork. After about two hours of this, I decided to try a warm bath. Still, the contractions continued. I texted my doula and my mom to let them know what was going on, but that I still didn’t really think it was “time.” After three hours of these regular contractions it was 10pm and I finally decided, “Screw it, I’m going to bed.” I figured, the baby would come or not but either way I was exhausted and needed some rest.

The contractions continued for awhile longer, keeping me awake, but eventually tapered off and I was able to get some sleep. Since then, however, the frequency of contractions has greatly increased. Only for brief periods have they been at regular intervals, but they happen all day long. They like to get particularly strong and frequent at night, right when I want to fall asleep.

Part of me is excited because I know that all this means it won’t be long until baby comes. A larger part of me says get out of my body already or let me rest!!!!! Because, you know, nine months pregnant. What more do I need to say?

Soon! Very soon there will be a baby!

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